Monday, June 24, 2013

Today is Wiggle Your Toes Day !

Hey hot summer days call for drastic measures.

Today is a day to celebrate your toes. :) Celebrate by wearing sandals or simply walk barefooted.

Wiggle Your Toes Day encourages you to give your little piggy toes a rest.

Those ten extremities at the ends of your feet, are crying out for a little freedom. Cramped up inside a pair of shoes or sneakers all day is no fun! Toes just don't get the chance to move about freely, as they would like to do. Therefore, take advantage and let them be free!

Encourage someone to provide you with a toe massage! and in exchange you'll provide them with one too! :)

Yes, a "TOE MASSAGE" Never heard of a toe massage? 

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You might think that toes are the last place you would expect to carry any tension, right? but it’s true "toes" need massaging too.

Keep in mind that they’re involved in our every step all day long, helping us balance and supporting our weight. I've included some tips on how to conduct toe massages. "Read below"

1.Massage toes by sliding your thumb up and down the grooves in between each tendon on the top of the foot. "Hold the giggles for later".:)

2.Take each toe, one-by-one, in between your thumb and index finger. Start at the base of the toe and squeeze firmly in a sweeping motion out through the tip.

3. Lastly take the end of each toe and wiggle it up and down, and then back and forth, and in a circular motion too. Remember be gentle. :)

Good Luck to you! and I hope you enjoy your toe massages!

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