Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Flower Moon on May 29th, 2018

Full moons bring with them a certain energy and inspire a flow of emotions and vibrations, unlike in other phases of the moon. Full moons have a way of washing away the negative energy to make room for positive energy.
The full moon for the month of May is what you call the “Full Flower Moon”, also called the “Full Blessing Moon,” “The Corn Planting Moon,” and the “Bright Moon.”
The first name is mostly due to the fact that flowers blossom and bloom in May. The second has its roots in corn planting just in time for harvesting. The third is because this full moon is known to be one of the brightest of the full moons.


This is the high time for magickal workings related to divining and protection, and also energy cleansings for healing, abundance, and prosperity. If you’re thinking of switching careers and jobs, this is the time to ask for guidance. To those with rune stones and crystals, this is the time to use them to draw power from the moon.
The Flower Moon also symbolizes us humans. Like the flowers, it is time for us to blossom, to grow day by day by soaking up the sun’s rays, and to gather our energy from it.
The full moon also symbolizes shining a light on our darkest days and illuminating the deepest and darkest corners of ourselves, allowing the light of awareness in the darkest places of ignorance, shame, guilt, and embarrassment. The Flower Moon is there to assist us in shedding our outer skin as a form of renewal.
This is the time for self-reflection and self-assessment. Look into yourself for the things that have been hidden will now make themselves known. You are given the chance to heal, and you now have the chance to look at yourself in a whole new light, the light that shines from the moon.
This is the chance for rebirth. So go out and experience being under the full and bright light of the Flower Moon! It accompanies with it a great potential for change. Embrace this change and welcome the magnificent shifts coming your way!


To celebrate the Flower Moon, you can start lighting a bonfire when the sun goes down.  Using fire divination helps with guiding the way.
The lucky colors for this time are: Red, Orange, and Yellow.
The lucky Stones: Ruby, Amber, and Garnet.
The lucky herbs: Cinnamon and Mint.
Lucky tree: Hawthorne
Element: Fire

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Monday, November 20, 2017

New scientific study: Your cells respond to our thoughts.

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New scientific study: cells respond to our thoughts.

Every minute of every day, your body is physically reacting, literally changing, in response to the thoughts that run through your mind.
It’s been shown over and over again that just thinking about something can cause your brain to release neurotransmitters, chemical messengers that allow it to communicate with parts of itself and your nervous system. Neurotransmitters control virtually all of your body’s functions, from hormones to digestion to feeling happy, sad, or stressed.
Studies have shown that thoughts alone can improve vision, fitness, and strength. The placebo effect, as observed with fake operations and sham drugs, for example, works because of the power of thought. Expectancies and learned associations have been shown to change brain chemistry and circuitry which results in real physiological and cognitive outcomes, such as less fatigue, lower immune system reaction, elevated hormone levels, and reduced anxiety.
In The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World, Lynne McTaggart writes:
A sizable body of research exploring the nature of consciousness, carried on for more than thirty years in prestigious scientific institutions around the world, shows that thoughts are capable of affecting everything from the simplest machines to the most complex living beings. This evidence suggests that human thoughts and intentions are an actual physical “something” with astonishing power to change our world. Every thought we have is tangible energy with the power to transform. A thought is not only a thing; a thought is a thing that influences other things

 Your Thoughts Sculpt Your Brain

Every thought you have causes neurochemical changes, some temporary and some lasting. For instance, when people consciously practice gratitude, they get a surge of rewarding neurotransmitters, like dopamine, and experience a general alerting and brightening of the mind, probably correlated with more of the neurochemical norepinephrine.
In one study, college students deeply in love were shown pictures of their sweeties, and their brains become more active in the caudate nucleus, a reward center, giving them that in-love swoon. When they stopped looking at the pictures, their reward centers went back to sleep.
What flows through your mind also sculpts your brain in permanent ways. Think of your mind as the movement of information through your nervous system, which on a physical level is all the electrical signals running back and forth, most of which is happening below your conscious awareness. As a thought travels through your brain, neurons fire together in distinctive ways based on the specific information being handled, and those patterns of neural activity actually change your neural structure.
Busy regions of the brain start making new connections with each other, and existing synapses, the connections between neurons, that experience more activity get stronger, increasingly sensitive, and start building more receptors. New synapses are also formed.
One example of this is the well-known London cab driver studies which showed that the longer someone had been driving a taxi, the larger their hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in visual-spatial memory. Their brains literally expanded to accommodate the cognitive demands of navigating London’s tangle of streets. Research has also proven the numerous benefits of meditation for your brain and shown that meditation produces measurable results, from changes in grey matter volume to reduced activity in the “me” centers of the brain to enhanced connectivity between brain regions.
Your Thoughts Program Your Cells
A thought is an electrochemical event taking place in your nerve cells producing a cascade of physiological changes. The article “How Your Thoughts Program Your Cells” explains it this way:
There are thousands upon thousands of receptors on each cell in our body. Each receptor is specific to one peptide, or protein. When we have feelings of anger, sadness, guilt, excitement, happiness or nervousness, each separate emotion releases its own flurry of neuropeptides. Those peptides surge through the body and connect with those receptors which change the structure of each cell as a whole. Where this gets interesting is when the cells actually divide. If a cell has been exposed to a certain peptide more than others, the new cell that is produced through its division will have more of the receptor that matches with that specific peptide. Likewise, the cell will also have less receptors for peptides that its mother/sister cell was not exposed to as often.
So, if you have been bombarding your cells with peptides from negative thoughts, you are literally programming your cells to receive more of the same negative peptides in the future. What’s even worse is that you’re lessening the number of receptors of positive peptides on the cells, making yourself more inclined towards negativity.
Every cell in your body is replaced about every two months. So, the good news is, you can reprogram your pessimistic cells to be more optimistic by adopting positive thinking practices, like mindfulness and gratitude, for permanent results.

Your Thoughts Activate Your Genes
You are speaking to your genes with every thought you have. The fast growing field of epigenetics is showing that who you are is the product of the things that happen to you in your life, which change the way your genes operate. Genes are actually switched on or off depending on your life experiences, and your genes and lifestyle form a feedback loop. Your life doesn’t alter the genes you were born with. What changes is your genetic activity, meaning the hundreds of proteins, enzymes, and other chemicals that regulate your cells.
Only about 5 percent of gene mutations are thought to be the direct cause of health issues. That leaves 95 percent of genes linked to disorders acting as an influencers, which can be influenced one way or another, depending on life factors. Of course, many of these are beyond your control, like childhood events, but some are entirely within your control, such as diet, exercise, stress management, and emotional states. The last two factors are directly dependent on your thoughts.
Your biology doesn’t spell your destiny, and you aren’t controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic activity is largely determined by your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions. Epigenetics is showing that your perceptions and thoughts control your biology, which places you in the driver’s seat. By changing your thoughts, you can influence and shape your own genetic readout.
You have a choice in determining what input your genes receive. The more positive the input, the more positive the output of your genes. Epigenetics is allowing lifestyle choices to be directly traced to the genetic level and is proving the mind-body connection irrefutable. At the same time, research into epigenetics is also emphasizing how important positive mental self-care practices are because they directly impact our physical health.
Meditation and mindfulness put you in contact with the source of the mind-body system, giving your thoughts direct access to beneficial genetic activity which also affects how well your cells function, via the genetic activity inside the cells.
Use Your Thoughts For You
You have much more power than ever believed to influence your physical and mental realities. Your mindset is recognized by your body — right down to the genetic level, and the more you improve your mental habits, the more beneficial response you’ll get from your body. You can’t control what has happened in the past, which shaped the brain you have today, programmed your cells, and caused certain genes to switch on.
However, you do have the power in this moment and going forward to choose your perspective and behavior, which will change your brain, cells, and genes.

Thoughts are energy and they effect everything around us.

Spirit Science 1 - Thoughts

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

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What does 2018 have in store for you?

Venus 'Snuggles' Close to Jupiter in Epic Conjunction Early Monday

A Cosmic Encounter
Early Monday morning, on November 13th, 2017 the planets Venus and Jupiter will pass each other in the sky. Wake up before sunrise to experience this unique moment of wonder.

OMG!! The most sexy planets are aligning!!  When these two planets come together they are the most attractive and popular of sights. This activates popularity, not only from your physical attractiveness, but also your genuinely warm and friendly nature. Your presence encourages others to display the same warmth and affection that you naturally exude. Uh la la!

You may awaken a talent for art, music or poetry, or may manifest these qualities as pure enjoyment of beauty, amusement and relaxation. 

This tag team is a good omen for your social life and your love life because you attract nice things. As Venus rules money as well as love. 

One thing to note is self control and extravagance. This may be a problem, leading to addiction or greed. You could find it difficult to get motivated and prefer to be content with the blessing that your good karma brings this life.

This is a time to enjoy all the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work. Beautiful things are attracted to you.

Your harmony, warmth and friendliness will open the doors to new opportunities. You should spend this time  out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. Trust me this way, you'll expose yourself to the greatest number of opportunities for growth and happiness.

Relationships of all kind are a major focus of this conjunction. Your increased physical and inner beauty make your more popular in social settings. In one to one situations you should notice more interest, especially from your partner or potential partners. This is one of the best transits for falling in love. It is more likely now that any new romance will turn out to be the perfect match.

You should take advantage of any financial offers as there is a heightened probability of increasing your wealth. Investments should turn a profit, especially in works of art, jewelry and other luxury items. This is a very lucky transit so you may even be the beneficiary of a sudden and unexpected windfall. You have many things to look forward to!

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Autumn Harvest Promo

Autumn Harvest Promo- Psychic Readings by Lady Yoly

Like each change of season, autumn marks a shift in the natural world. As the leaves turn brown and the flowers disappear, crops and fruit become ready to be harvested. These changes in nature mirror changes within yourself, showing you the correct time of year to be taking certain action to get the best possible results. The arrival of autumn is a time for giving thanks, planning, harvesting, contemplation, and understanding the bigger picture in both the natural world and within yourself - in your personal life, your professional life and your spiritual life.  

Down below Lady Yoly has provide 5 easy tips that will help you ease through this Autumn season. :)


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Women today are turned on by intelligence in men, which is called sapiosexuality

If the early 2000s marked the spotlight on well-groomed metrosexuals, it was followed by the macho retrosexuals in the latter half of the decade. The past few years spoke about the kitchen-loving gastrosexual men. This year has seen women taking a fancy to the intellectual man — the sapiosexual. A character like Riz Ahmed's in Mira Nair's latest release is an example of this trend. - See more at:

Women today are turned on by intelligence in men, which is called sapiosexuality

If the early 2000s marked the spotlight on well-groomed metrosexuals, it was followed by the macho retrosexuals in the latter half of the decade. The past few years spoke about the kitchen-loving gastrosexual men. This year has seen women taking a fancy to the intellectual man — the sapiosexual. A character like Riz Ahmed's in Mira Nair's latest release is an example of this trend.

Sapiosexuality is getting aroused not by the physical appearance of a person, but through his or her intelligence. Recent times have seen women, particularly, falling for men who fit this bill. Says social psychologist Anisha Coutinho, "If we look at films, for instance, the kind of subaltern idols being celebrated in a more mainstream fashion, be it filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee or Sujoy Ghosh, or actors like Irrfan Khan and Abhay Deol, are all reasons for believing how women prefer brains to mere good looksthese days and it is high time that reflected in the films too."

People also opine that women today are looking for intellectual stimulation, when in a relationship. Dr Anjali Chhabria, psychiatrist, says, "Traditionally, women have been intelligent than men and, hence, they always looked for intelligence in men. The man-woman relationship first started through the need for protection. Today, a woman can do what a man does, if not more than that. Thus, when she wants to relate to a man, she looks for intellectual stimulation before anything else. This is the basis for many of the relationships today." - See more at:

1) Count Your Blessings
Autumn is about harvesting the fruits and crops that have been growing all summer and giving thanks for the bounty of nature.
Spiritually, this means that it's a time to take stock of the blessings or good things you have in your life. Nurture your blessings and watch them increase:
*Tell somebody close to you that you love and appreciate them
*Give your time to help a local charity
*Meditate on the blessings in your life
*Gather your loved ones around you and celebrate with a family meal

2) Release
Just as nature is moving on to a new cycle, so should you learn to let go of anything that is holding you back in life, or anything you have outgrown.
*Clearing out your clutter at home is a good way to get rid of stagnant energy in the home
*Have you grown apart from a partner or a friend? Perhaps it's time to release them and say goodbye, with love, so you can both move on in life.
*This season is a good time to release yourself from bad habits. Give up smoking or drinking to excess or any habit that is not serving your highest good.
*Endings do not have to be sad. Celebrate the successes of this part of your journey then release what needs to be left behind with love and move forward.

3) Slow down
During autumn, nature slows down from the busy summer rush of growth, and it's time for you to wind down, too. Try a slightly slower pace of life so you can re-gain your emotional balance.
*The autumn equinox falls on September 22 this year. It marks the time when the hours of light and darkness are equal. Night and day are perfectly balanced. Devote an hour during the equinox think about how you can bring your life back in to balance. Perhaps you need to spend more time with your family or with your partner or less time in the office? Write a list of five things you'd like to change and think about ways you can improve them.
*Practicing mindfulness will help you slow down. Choose half an hour once a week to live fully in the present moment instead of allowing your mind to race ahead to the next task. Taking a walk is the best way to do this, so you can soak up every detail of the nature around you, thinking of nothing but what you are seeing and experiencing in that moment.

4) Planning
As the chilly days and nights set in, now is the time to reflect on the past months and formulate your life plan for the coming year.
*Reflect on your successes over the past year. How can you build upon them? How can you achieve new successes in the future?
*Think about the bigger picture. How do you want your life to be in 10 years time? What sort of person do you hope to be? How can you make this happen?

5) Accepting change
The wheel of the year turns from light to dark during autumn. It is a season of transition, reminding you that living is a constant state of change. As the old year draws to a close the new year is waiting to be born. When one chapter of your life closes you should not be sad, but look forward to a new one beginning.
*As the leaves fall from the trees and the earth seems to go to sleep, autumn reminds us of our own mortality. But this should not be seen as scary, its meaning is to encourage you to live each day mindfully and with a caring attitude.
*Autumn is a magical time when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. This season is ripe for spiritual transformations. Begin to practice new spiritual ideas at this time and you will bring fresh positive energy into your life.

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The Flower Moon on May 29th, 2018

Full moons bring with them a certain energy and inspire a flow of emotions and vibrations, unlike in other phases of the moon...