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10 Tips for Getting Your Tweens up and Ready for School

Many of my clients have discussed this topic with me with-in the last couple of days.  Getting kids up and ready for the day...whether it be for school, daycare, or even a sport or enrichment activity is a sure-fire stress builder and typical cause of morning madness. 
What can parents do to start each day in a positive and stress-free fashion? 

Good Morning Sunshine! 

Here are 10 tips for an easier and smoother morning!
1. Getting Kids Up: Morning Routine Must Become Way of LifeParents unwittingly cause morning madness by not instilling that the routine is a family requirement and not an option. A non-negotiable routine must be established, and consequence discussed and determined. (i.e. If you don't get up on first call, your bedtime is 15 minutes earlier tonight). It's the "wiggle room" that causes melt-downs and tantrums on the very morning parents have a "must make" meeting. 2. Stagger Wake-Up TimesIf you've got more than one kid in the hou…