Monday, June 24, 2013

What makes a great woman?

What makes a great woman?What makes a great woman? I was looking for information to write an article on Woman's History Month (celebrated in March), and found information on many women who have made undeniable contributions throughout history. We have been pioneers in athletics, business, science, engineering, the arts and much more. But I thought it would be best ask a few women to give me their opinion on what they think makes a great woman.

The answer surprised me. It seems some women think that a great woman is one who competes with a man, both intellectually and physically. Some think that to be a great you must be powerful, independent, wealthy, and not rely on anyone. Even though there is nothing wrong with this picture. I must say I do not fully agree with these statements. 

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I believe being a great woman is a big part of all that, but it seems we have left out a very important part about being GREAT. Being a GREAT WOMAN is not about competing with men. It is about being a woman and doing things in a way that men can look up to. It is about being a leader, showing perseverance when you feel like giving up, being humble, spiritual and outspoken, having respect for yourself and others, being a loving stay at home mom or single mom who is struggling and trying to be both mom and dad, it is about a wife who supports her husbands' decision even when she doesn't agree with him, it is a teacher who encourages her students to be the best they can be. You see, to me GREAT is anyone who makes a difference in their life and most importantly, in someone else's life. It is not about worrying too much what the world thinks is great or what other women say about being great. It is about what you feel is right in your heart and about being a role model for a younger generation of Great Women. So whichever your role is in this life, enjoy it, embrace it and be the best you can be, for that will make you GREAT! :)

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