Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio Full Moon on Wednesday May 14th is one of the most complex lunations we've had in a while. This is a fitting end to the wormhole we've been in for the past six weeks where the territory we were in at the beginning of April looks nothing like where we are Now.

So much has changed and this Full Moon is giving us the chance to harvest the benefit we have gained from all the deep and intense work we've been doing since this cycle began with the New Moon on March 30th. Take a glance back at where you were at when spring was just beginning and I'll bet that you feel like you've be through a psychic surgery. Nothing is the same.

Full Moons are an opportunity to bring things to light and see what is normally hidden from our view due to the increased light being shined into what are usually the darker corners of our consciousness.

"Full Moon Prayer down below. Also, instructions to conduct a Full Moon Water Tonic"

Scorpio is the archetype known for its mysterious quality, so a Full Moon in this sign is designed to go even deeper into recesses where normally things are secreted away.

One of the elements of this particular lunation is connected to this capacity to reveal things about ourselves at a very deep level in order to both integrate the lessons we have learned making them a permanent part of our Being as well as to discard that which no longer serves us.

April was a wild ride! We had two eclipses which are game changers in and of themselves; our consciousness gets a reboot when the beam of light is broken by the passing shadow of the Earth and Moon. The Cardinal Grand Cross whipped us into a frenzy of forward movement. This Full Moon is the final act of what is known as a wormhole, so in case this is a new concept to you, let me explain what that is.

In quantum mechanics, there is a theoretical phenomenon of travel from one place in the time/space continuum to another place on the other side of the universe. This instantaneous lunge from one territory to another is something we've seen as a special effect in sci-fi movies where the swirling tunnel of light drops our hero into another dimension. Well, the hero has been YOU for the past six weeks and this Full Moon marks the arrival to the final destination of that journey.

There are several planetary aspects accompanying this Full Moon which are powerful taken alone. Added to a lunation, they take on even more auspicious meaning. One of them is a Trine (think open flow and harmonious interaction) between Jupiter (Abundance) and Chiron (Healing).

This is the third of three of these meetings because of Jupiter's recent retrograde cycle. What that means is that the healing and expansion that this transit brings with it began when these two met up for the first time by Trine last summer, on August 20th to be exact. And guess what else was happening that day? A Full Moon. You can't make this stuff up. There was a second Trine between them on February 5th and this marks the third and final one. 

I know that many of you have been feeling particularly challenged in the past few months. Remember that healing sometimes requires a stimulation of the wound that's being released.

This transit assures you that no matter what the sensations have been, what is happening is an absolute expansion of your consciousness in the direction of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. With Jupiter involved it can be no other way!

And we have all been receiving the benefit of this blessing along with the other cycles of change and transformation. Change can be very uncomfortable, but without it life cannot expand. Since the other planet that's lending her energy to the week's activity is Venus, we are getting a double dose of Love right now.

Venus will be activating last month's Cardinal Grand Cross by Conjuncting Uranus and Squaring Pluto as part of the day's activity. This pattern generated an unpredicted amount of change and thrust us into new territories of consciousness.

Uranus is known as the Great Awakener and when the archetype of the Heart meets up with this powerful planet, an opening of great proportions occurs! Read more below

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Whatever you have been experiencing over the past six weeks, this week there is a sense of completion as the Heart catches up and fills the new space that has been created in your inner landscape. Nothing will ever be the same.

The Full Moon is exact at 12:15pm PDT on Wednesday of this week. In the sign of Scorpio, the invitation is to go deep. Let your imagination go wild. Keep your INtention locked in with the principle of Heart Centered living; letting go of the egoic Mind and creating a rightful alignment between leading with the Heart and allowing the Mind to navigate with a light touch.

The element of this sign is water, so consider bringing that into whatever you plan and make the theme one of purification and cleansing. Have at it!

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  • Check an almanac for the exact time of sundown on the day you have chosen. At sundown, place the glass out of doors in a moonlit place (cover the glass with clear plastic wrap).

  • Remove the glass at dawn. The water is now filled with lunar potency. Drink the moon water every morning to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the stress of the day.

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